How to Recruit Talent to Take Your Business to a New Level

The job description:

Although you need to state what you’re looking for and the skill set you require in the job application, it’s not all about the skills and the experience you’re asking for…it needs to appeal to them as well – and it’s not just about their pay anymore.  Although it may be a major determinant in the job and company they ultimately go with, there are other aspects that also affect the applicants’ final decision. 

Do you offer flexible working?  Flexible working and remote working are two aspects that undoubtedly appeal to, and separate competitors from recruiting top talent.  A company that offers employees the option to work in locations other than their office implies that they have a culture of trust; where staff can explore a multitude of locations to be productive from.  The more freedom and autonomy they have, the higher the job satisfaction, the better the work culture, and the more likely they will be to want to work for your firm.

Utilise social media platforms:

Now, more than ever, people are looking online to search for jobs and social media platforms are increasingly becoming the way to find it.  LinkedIn particularly, with its business focus, is a platform well worth utilising to recruit top talent.  You can view profiles as an equivalent to online résumés, access to the relevant people through your professional network, and with a dedicated jobs section, LinkedIn allows you to reach the right professionals who would be perfect to take your business to a whole new level.

Use recruiters if necessary:

If you require extra support to help take some of the workload of recruiting off your hands, recruitment agencies are a good way to lend a hand if you draw the right boundaries.  To stop them from calling you with any opportunity that comes through the door, it’s important to specify exactly what you’re looking for and benchmark the type of people that they send through to you.

So to recruit talent to take your business to a new level, it’s not just about offering the highest pay, what your company has to offer also determines which company they choose to work for.  So when recruiting, it’s worth utilising channels such as social media platforms like LinkedIn but if you’re looking to recruitment agencies for help, it’s important to specify exactly what you’re looking for to ensure you only interview the best candidates.

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