5 Small Businesses with Kick Ass Websites

As a new business owner you may say to yourself ‘I need a website’ but have no idea how or where to start.

In today’s market place all businesses need an effective website. There are so many types of businesses and there are certainly many different ways to promote a business. Every company wants to have a website that portrays a professional image to it’s visitors. The image needs to be an accurate representation of the company. When making a website for your business you'll need to think of it as a hub of the business, with all other marketing material following suit in terms of branding, look and feel,  and voice.

Today we are going to look at business websites where the purpose of the site is to provide information about that business and service. We have searched the web and found some outstanding examples, which we hope will help inspire you to design a website for your own business.

Joe Seph’s Popcorn Site

We love Joe Seph’s website. It's objective is clear and concise. As soon as you land on the site you know what they sell. The website is very easy to navigate and you can select and buy products, the shopping process is very streamlined with minimal clicks. They have maintained a consistent brand voice on all marketing channels. You can find everything you want and need as a customer. This site has taken a responsive approach to the design and the content changes depending on whether you are on a mobile or desktop.


Joe Seph's website

Joe Seph's website


The Ldny ecommerce website is aesthetically pleasing with beautiful imagery, movement and functions. Ldny is a fashion label that have a clear message you purchase an #OrangeDress and 50% of the proceeds go to the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. They have a strong voice which is continued throughout the website and any other marketing channels.


Rachael Flanagan

We love the clean look of Rachael’s website. Her rags to riches story of how a one-woman band made a multi-million pound cleaning business is super inspirational. The website is her personal brand and really does capture the essence of Rachael who is a fun loving, hard working, young lady who pushed boundaries within the cleaning business sector. The site works well because it's very clear what Rachael is selling and her fresh content and personal videos really contribute to this. Again this site has taken a responsive approach so all the content is accessible but laid out differently depending on what device you are using to access the site.


Rachael Flanagan website

Rachael Flanagan website

Code Fitness

Code Fitness is a gym and the site gives information about the facility. The message is clear Code Fitness will get you the results you want and this is precisely what you think as soon as you land on the page. The Code Fitness site is clean and clear you can easily navigate and see exactly what this gym has to offer. The mobile site is especially streamlined with nice branding and content positioning. When you join the gym via the website you are taken through a set of questions and presented with a customised fitness plan. You can also purchase products directly from the shop area.  


PT Maintenance

PT Maintenance is a building company with a very simple site in terms of functions but very effective in terms of purpose. As soon as you visit the site you are presented with a gallery of work and details of the type of work they do. The purpose is clear showcasing their work and promote services. The contact form remains consistent always sitting in the footer of the page so you are able to contact them at anytime.


PT Maintenance Website

PT Maintenance Website

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