How to Create a Killer Website for Your Business

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With so many ways to get your business online, which way is the one for you? The time has come to create your web presence and decide how you are going to connect with your customers online. A website is your most powerful tool for communication. It’s a unique way to connect with the world and your potential customers. There is no space better than the Internet to immediately get in touch with a broad international audience at an extremely low cost. Whether you choose to create a website to share your passion for a subject, inform people of your business, sell products, sell events, or for any other reason—there are no boundaries to what you can do! Getting your website created means you have tons of possibilities available to your business.

It does not matter what size your business is, but it is essential to have a professional website which represents what you are offering in the right way. Regardless of any other marketing activity your website will be the main point of contact for anyone wanting to purchase from your business. If you are a digital business it is more than obvious but even if you are not; in this day and age creating a website provides the foundations for building a business. So how do I make my own website? Well there are many tools on the market and our very own Smarta Business Builder is one of them.

Creating a website for your business is easy and cost effective in today's market. It takes a few steps to design and build a website all within the one tool in a short space of time or you can outsource the website build. These tools also have some great features for ensuring your website is mobile (link ready, has ecommerce, a blog as well as various other great options available.You can outsource your website design and development on services like and The brilliant thing is you can produce a working website for your business within a few hours.  

 Here are some pointers to think about when creating your business website:

Research Your Market

Research your market and look at your competitor’s websites you could even reach out to your social media audience and get feedback or opinions from your community. Reviewing what your competitors are doing can be a great way to guide and think about what you would like your website to look and function like.

What is the purpose of your website?

First things first, think about the purpose of your business website. Do you want your business website to be an online business card, sell your service / products online or do you require it to feed information to your clients on a regular basis. Knowing what you are doing is the first step of producing a website with purpose. For example you may be a builder and want to have a gallery area to display your work before and after alongside some customer testimonials. You need to think about what the main objective is and what you would like your website to present. 

What tools to use?

Consider what you will use to create your website. As we mentioned you can use a tool or outsource. The great thing about using a tool is there are many templates available for you to use and get ideas from. Plus it is very low priced. Even if you just want ideas it’s a great way to get a solid foundation of what is happening in the web design space and how to present your business. Another good thing about using a tool is they keep up to date with all the trends and any new important website functions that are introduced, giving you less to do. Using a tool usually makes it easy to update and maintain yourself instead of outsourcing and paying a company to maintain, and make any changes to your site.

Another thing to think about once you have searched for a domain and purchased it is who will host your website? Hosting is the remote location your website will sit and is an important aspect of a website. You need a reputable company to host your business website to avoid issues. If you are hosting it with a service ensure they have a great support team who can help with any queries. 

Good luck and happy website creating.

Lloyd Holder Head of Technology -

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