Creating my dream business in the film industry

Last year Aimee took the brave step and started her own business Aimee Anderson Associates. Here’s how she spotted a gap in the market and propelled her business to instant success.

Founded by Aimée Anderson in 2016, Aimée Anderson and Associates “AAA” facilitates and manages strategic partnerships, between consumer brands and prominent film producers playing to both partners’ strengths: producers are excellent storytellers, while brands are exceptional marketers.

We facilitate partnerships which deliver sought-after content to drive ground-breaking engagement on a brand’s social media channels. Benefiting both filmmakers and brands in a completely new way, AAA ensures brands are treated as the official and exclusive marketing partner of the film, but with the added benefits that a key investor would secure. As a result, a brand can execute a strong global marketing campaign, but on top of that secures a recoupment position and profit share, meaning the brand could make its money back as well as make a profit should the film do well.

Our team is in a unique position. We have vast experience working with global consumer brands and so understand the challenges they face. At the same time, we have worked in the film industry for decades and as such have extensive knowledge of film finance, film publicity and an enviable network of award-winning producers that we work with allowing us to have a exceptional knowledge of upcoming quality films yet to be announced.

“In February 2016, I made the scary but very exciting decision to leave my position as Managing Director at an international PR firm and set up my own company.

Having my own company was something I dreamed about from the moment I started my career, but I just couldn’t see how it would ever happen.  My career has been pretty interesting. I spent the first half of it working with consumer brands, and the second half specialising in the film industry – and as a result of this, I have gained a very unique set of skills.

Then two years ago I had an idea.  I had been working with big global brands that were investing large sums of money in partnerships but I couldn’t see the ROI.  I felt they were paying an awfully lot of money with very little return, often being promised a great deal, but, in reality, they would secure very little.  When content for social media is becoming ever more critical, content seemed to be one thing that was in short supply from these partnerships, not to mention there being too many brand partners vying for the limited content that was on offer.

However, from my position working with independent filmmakers I could see how brands could become a key marketing component.  But uniquely, I could also see how they could take a recoupment position as well as a profit share of the film – as an exclusive brand partner.  Essentially meaning they could make their money back and potentially even make money from the partnership, while also running a strong consumer engagement campaign, which would absolutely solve their ROI challenges.

Today, brands are very aware they need to communicate online to their consumers through powerful storytelling, and my position allowed me access to the best storytellers in the world.  At the same time those independent filmmakers/storytellers do not have the marketing resources available to brands and so I identified that both partners needed each other.  

I then set out to develop how they could work together in a truly collaborative way, with brands securing the strongest content as an equity partner, and independent filmmakers benefiting from a brand’s marketing machine.

By 2016 I had fully developed the concept and had strong support from the film industry and brands alike.  I pulled together a group of advisors and associates to help me complete my offering and drive my company forward, and I’m delighted to say the first 8 months have been fantastic and I could not have done it without their support.

My advice to anyone else if you have a business idea is act on it.  Research it. Test it out with your professional network and potential clients.  Then develop it fully and build a solid group of advisors around you, that all bring a unique skill to your company.  Do everything you can to keep your overheads to an absolute minimum – office space is usually unnecessary for a consulting business and employing freelancers is frequently becoming the norm for project based businesses.  Remember gorgeous office space, and a tribe of employees means nothing if it’s eating into your profits.

Finally, nurture a group of like-minded individuals where you can support each other by making introductions, and passing on new business opportunities that don’t suit you but might suit them and vice versa.  If you’re not helping others, no one will be inclined to help you.

That’s how I started my business. Good luck starting yours.”

Aimee Anderson - AAA Associates

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