How I Started a Multi Million Pound Cleaning Business with £20

Rachael is a successful award winning young entrepreneur who has built a multi-million-pound company from scratch. We spoke to Rachael about her successes and hopes for the future.

Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in Wales and created my business at the age of 18, after discovering that university wasn’t the route for me. You could say that I fell into cleaning by accident. My mother, a working mum, was having trouble managing household chores and juggling work at the same time. She hired a cleaner but after being let down a number of times I took on the housework for some extra cash, and to my surprise I discovered I actually enjoyed it.

Now, I’ve been in business for 10 years. I manage a team of 250 staff, I have won the title of the UK’s young entrepreneur of the year and I am just 28 – I have demonstrated it’s possible (even if you don’t pass your A level in Business!). I believe it’s possible for everyone if you put your mind to it.

How did you grow your business?

I understood the market very well and I knew that to grow my business in the commercial market, I had to offer something very special. There’s way too much competition in the market to be mediocre. Standing out in the crowd is essential, and that’s what I always ensure I do. In just a year, my business exploded by 50% by understanding the niche market. That mixed with determination and consistency helped my business to grow. Hard work is always a recipe for success.

What do you want to do next?

Now, I want to help and guide people. My ambitions haven’t stopped. I want to share my knowledge with people and help them realise their full potential. I want to inspire, empower and support people to become more focused on what they want in life. To focus on their businesses, be more goal driven – I want to help make people look and see the bigger picture.

I am going to help more people understand how they can build their business from the bottom up! I built my million-pound business when I was under 30, if I can have it then anyone can have it. With hard work, consistency and determination you will get what you want in life.


Rachael Flanagan
Owner of Mrs Bucket

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