5 Ways To Start Using Video In Your Business

Veena V is an award winning Radio Presenter turned Online Entrepreneur. Veena currently runs several online businesses. In this blog Veena shares her knowledge on how to start using video for your business.

The possibilities on how you can implement video into your marketing are endless. Have fun with it and use it as a way to really connect with potential customers and clients. Show them who you are, how you can help them and communicate your brand values.

Here are 5 ideas that you can start using to make your business more visible


Bring your website or blog to life by creating a simple video introducing your business. You could talk about;

- Who’s the founder

- Why did you start the business

- Navigate people around your website ‘Click on the contact tab to enquiry about our free consultation’


This may seem mundane and uninteresting to you but people love to see the brand they are investing their time and money into. Do a Facebook live and show people what is happening in the office right now, what meetings are going on, are you preparing any orders to be sent out to customers?

Even if you work from home you can still show people your desk, maybe a sample for a new product you're developing has just come in. The key here is to be transparent and make the customer feel part of your brand.


I have personally done more than 10 videos promoting my product (The YT CLUB Tripod, currently on sale, plug plug https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B016ZZUDVY)

Each time I make the video different and really show the unique features of how the tripod can help business owners become more confident and make better videos. Also you don’t need to personally appear in all your videos. I have customers talking about the product, videos of the product being used by different people and honest reviews from youtubers who I sent the product to.


These types of videos work really well on youtube especially as youtube is the second largest search engine. Why the heck is this even important? It means people are constantly searching for solutions to their problems. So, you want to be there helping them!

If you’re an accountant you could make a video called ‘The quickest way to fill in a tax return form’ or ‘5 ways an accountant can save you money’. The more value you bring, the more consistent you are, you’ll be seen as the go to expert in your industry and people will like and trust you over your competition.


I’m sure you have written testimonials on your website but why not ask your clients or customers to send in a video of themselves saying how they’ve loved working with your business.

Remember potential customers will trust a video more from another person (even if it is a stranger) rather than listening to how great you think your brand is.

I really hope this 5 ideas have inspired you to start using video in your company

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By Veena V, I love helping business owners to become more confident and creative with using youtube https://youtu.be/EABeK9cTndA

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