Richard Branson's words of wisdom

Richard Branson’s blog is filled with great content ranging from business advice to his top ten movies to watch at Christmas. Richard has always shared his knowledge trying to inspire entrepreneurs like ourselves. Here at Smarta we are great fans of his leadership abilities. We get a great insight to the man himself, his life and his business.

We took a look at Richard's latest blog content and were fascinated by his latest post titled “Read to Lead”. Here Richard shares his top books on leadership. How books can be used to inspire and how we should always find time to read.

Richard writes that “Having written a book on leadership, The Virgin Way, I do believe you can pick up lessons in leading from the written word. While I’ve never been an avid reader of leadership books in general, books such as Alastair Campbell’s Winning and Richard Reed’s If I Could Tell You Just One Thing are filled with useful tips. They highlight tangible lessons from a diverse range of interesting people, and I like to read a chapter every now and then to get inspired.”

Richard also advises to make sure to have a trusty notebook handy to write down anything that interests you or gives you ideas. He writes “I get lots of ideas from my reading – in fact, you may have seen some of my blogs over the year based around some of these books.”

Read Richard’s full blog post.

At Smarta we love books! Our founder, Shaa Wasmund has had 3 bestsellers - The Smarta Way to Do Business, Stop Talking Start Doing and Do Less, Get More. Books run through our veins so when Richard says you need to find time to read books, with could not agree with him more. As entrepreneurs and small business owners it can be a lonely place so having other people’s experience can help with the journey.

What books are you reading which have helped you with your business? And how did they help you? We would love to know! Email us to tell us more

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