5 top tips to help you grow your business

We have pulled together 5 top tips, providing you with the essential information and tools to grow your business.

So up first…

Setting weekly goals

Goals are an important aspect of growing your business. If you have read as many business themed books as we have, you will see this is a common thread amongst most successful individuals and business owners. Once you’ve set a goal it’s important to follow it up.  One of our favourite tools for organising our to-dos is this little notebook by Migoals.com.

Image: A diary page from the MiGoals diary collection.


“A goal is a dream with a deadline”

Napoleon Hill

Our top tips for goal setting:

  • Determine exactly what you want to achieve that week and create a list of tasks to achieve that goal. A bullet list is perfect for this.
  • Decide what you intend to do in order to achieve that goal. This could be a simple task such as arranging a meeting. Then it is important to establish an exact deadline to when you will achieve that goal.
  • Add goal checking to your daily routine. First thing in the day check your goals; think about time frames; what obstacles do you have and are you doing all you can to achieve your aims.


Team collaboration tools

Using team tools is essential now more than ever; with people working from home, outsourcing work abroad and working with freelancers just some of the reasons team tools are needed.  Team tools are used to join all parts of your business into one working environment.  Simple challenges like communication and time zone differences are eradicated it’s about getting everyone working from the same page. Podio provides the perfect platform to do this.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 17.09.49.png

Image: Podio team collaboration tool.

You can work across different times zones in any geographical location and still have the ability to communicate effectively using these tools. From structuring your project to finding new ways to work and get team feedback. Podio is a comprehensive tool to enable you to work with your team anytime, anywhere.


Getting creative

There are many creative tools now entering the market but the one, which stands out amongst the crowd is Canva. If you need a dash of graphic design for your company, which is consistent, cost effective, simple to use and has the breadth of creativity to take your business to the next level, Canva is the answer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.12.37.png

Image: Canva graphic design tool.

Canva offers a variety of functions from social media templates to marketing materials, presentations, eBooks and so much more. It provides drag-and-drop functionality with a library of fonts and images to use as well as making it super easy for you to collaborate with your team. It’s a must for any business…


No more cash flow woes

The Smarta Business Builder accounting tool makes available two reports to help you understand your cash flow and manage your businesses money.

The Cash Flow Forecast Report

The forecast report displays a projection on money-in and money-out, and can help your business estimate how much money it will have, or need, at any point in time. You can use the date range widget to see a projection of cash flow for a specific period of time in the future.


Image: Forecast report from Smarta Business Builder.

Cash Flow Statement

This statement report helps your business monitor and analyse your current financial position in real time. You can again use the date range widget to see a statement of cash flow for a specific period.

Image: Cashflow Statement from Smarta Business Builder.

Social know how

Hootsuite has to be a favourite of ours here at Smarta. It is the “Social Media Management Tool” we use to keep everything in order. The great thing is we can keep track and manage all our social network channels under one roof.

You can also set up searches to assist your business in monitoring what people are saying about your brand or schedule posts and join/keep track of conversations in social media. The best thing is you can organise your team. So, for example, if you have a large influx of inbound tweets/responses you have the ability to allocate tasks to each team member.

Image: Hootsuite - social media tool.

 We hope you enjoyed our  5 top business tips. We would love to know yours! Connect with us on Twitter @Smarta or Facebook @smartaHQ

Smarta Formations

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