8 Creative Solutions To Turn Your Blog Into A Profitable Business

You’ve started your blog (or are currently in the process making your first WordPress website) and you have great content. Your traffic is starting to rise, but what can you do to actually make money from your blog? There are many different avenues for making an income from your blog and the smartest and highest earning bloggers utilize as many avenues as possible.

1. Ads

Once you have gained steady traffic to your blog and consistently hit a large number of readers per month (the baseline varies from network to network), you can apply to be a member of different ad networks. Networks vary by blogging niche, so an easy way to find blogging networks is to Google search “[your niche] ad network.”

If you have a lifestyle blog that covers different niches, you can search for articles like this one that list out different blogging ad networks that you can apply to be a part of. Ad networks vary in how you earn. Some ads pay the blogger for the number of times their ads are loaded (or viewed) while most ads pay when they are clicked on. So, unless your traffic is in the hundreds of thousands of views per month, ads are not likely to bring in a significant amount of income, but the income you receive from the ads will not require any extra work or time from you.

2. Sponsored Posts

Another option for earning money from your blog is to apply for sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are also niche-specific and can be found either by applying to work with different media companies like Linqia or Social Fabric or by reaching out to companies directly.

If you want to reach out to companies directly, you will want to have a media kit prepared (a document that shows your blog’s statistics, followers, traffic, etc.) and you will need to create a proposal of how you can benefit the company. You may also be surprised that once you reach a certain level of notoriety, more and more companies will be reaching out to you to work with you. Be aware that some of these will expect you to post for free, so be specific on the terms of the agreement before you create any content for them.

3. Create Products to Sell

Another way to earn money from your blog is to create products to sell through your blog. Use your knowledge to create something your reader needs or can use and put it up for sale on your blog. You can sell items for as little as a few dollars or up to hundreds of dollars, depending on what you want to sell and how much value you are providing to your readers and buyers. You can create printables, worksheets, stock photos, and many other things.

4. Create a Course

Creating a course can be a lucrative way to demonstrate your knowledge and provide value to your readers. You can use platforms like Thinkific or Teachable and make money by selling to your audience the courses you create. One of the most appealing aspects of creating a course is that once it’s created, it does not require a great deal more work to earn you money. Other than promoting your course, once it is created, your course becomes passive income.

If you decide to create a course, you should also do as much email marketing as you can. When done right, email marketing can result in a high number of sales for your website. Want to learn more? The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Beginners by OptinMonster will walk you through what you need to do. 

5. Become an Amazon Affiliate

The opportunity to become an Amazon affiliate is available in most states in the United States and according to Kenny Novak from growtraffic, “Every state in the United States is eligible for the Amazon affiliate program, with the exception of Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont.” Check if your area, state, or country is able to work with Amazon. Once you are approved by Amazon, you are able to pull personalized links from Amazon to add to your blog posts. If the links are clicked, you earn a commission on the products purchased through your link.

6. Become an Affiliate for Other Bloggers

If you are not in a position to create your own course, you can become an affiliate for other bloggers’ courses or programs. If you can find a product created by another blogger that will help your audience, reach out to that blogger and see if he or she offers an affiliate program. If so, every one of your readers who purchases the course or program through your specific link will earn you a percentage of the cost of the program or course. 

7.  MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

If you are looking for ways to earn money, you have likely been approached by a member of an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company. Some popular ones include companies like Young Living, Beachbody, LuLaRoe, Nu Skin, The Pampered Chef, Avon, Mary Kay, and many others. There are great opportunities to earn money within these companies, but the key to doing so is to set yourself apart from the thousands (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) of other representatives.

Your blog is a great tool to use to set yourself apart. You can use your blog to show your expertise, share more background about whatever product or tool you are selling (more uses for essential oils, for instance, or healthy recipes that are not affiliated with a particular company). You can use your blog to tell your story so that your audience and your customers can identify and connect with you. Developing and cultivating relationships with your customers is the key to growing your MLM business. 

8. Develop a Membership Site

Once you have started creating products and courses, the next step is to put all of those products together in one place and set up a membership site where customers can sign up and get access to some or all of the things you’ve created. There are many different tools and plugins you can use to set up and maintain a membership site. While membership sites are an opportunity for recurring revenue, they are not nearly as passive as courses and products are. You will need to be regularly adding content to your membership site to encourage people to continue paying for their membership.

Consider your audience. Consider what they enjoy learning from you and take these ideas of how you can turn your knowledge and expertise into an opportunity to make a profit from your blog.


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