9 Creative Holiday Marketing and Printing Ideas

It’s no overstatement to say Christmas is the most important time of year for businesses. Whether you work in retail, distribution, consulting, or web development, the festive season is a chance to make big gains. There’s a lot of money to be made and, if you can provide a memorable experience, there’s plenty of new customers too.    

Most businesses refocus their marketing plans during this time of year. They utilize digital printing, seasonal color schemes, and snappy slogans to catch the eye of holiday shoppers. In fact, print media is particularly valuable at Christmas. It is one of the best ways to capture the vibrant, cheerful energy of the season.

This guide to creating impeccable Christmas marketing campaigns will give you some inspiration.

1. Jazz Up Your Packaging

One of the easiest ways to get into the Christmas spirit is to add a little festive flair to regular packaging. If you’ve got cash to flash, you could try custom printing services and treat your customers to a little personalization. If you’re on a budget, cut the cost by reusing holiday designs for two or even three years.

2. Make It All About the Season

Marketing at Christmas is a breeze for most businesses. Everybody is looking to indulge themselves with something, and it’s easy to tempt shoppers into impulse purchases. There’s a festive angle for every company to exploit, whether you’re recommending holiday recipes, cocktails, decorating ideas, or beauty tips.

3. Launch a Festive Giveaway

The best way to make the most of print materials is to give them value. Turn flyers, leaflets, posters, and catalogs into commodities. Link them to a prize or big discount of some kind. It will encourage digitally obsessed consumers to take a second look at paper promotion. Now that managed printing services are so accessible; this strategy requires little effort.

4. Highlight a Specific Service

Often, simple campaigns are every bit as powerful as fancy marketing ploys. For instance, targeting a specific service or product department allows you to create tight, targeted brand messages. Customisation is a good example because many businesses now operate an entire branch dedicated to bespoke, made to order items.

5. Get Silly with Your Subject Lines

Another simple and low-cost way to make a mark is with humorous email taglines. They’re perfect for the holiday season. In fact, there’s no other time when shoppers are as tolerant of silly puns and cheesy jokes. So, catch the eye of those on your mailing list with light-hearted, topical subject lines. How about ‘Yule order our festive style tips.’

6. Send Out Christmas Cards

Consumers love it when businesses make them feel special, particularly if it involves personal forms of communication. It doesn’t cost much to print a bulk order of Christmas cards, but it can have a big impact in terms of brand loyalty. Just be sure to get the little details right. Add a name to each one, so your customers know they’re more than a number in your profit book.

7. Create Beautiful Gift Cards

It’s worth putting some time and thought into the design of your gift cards. Around the holiday season, people are looking to create special experiences out of these products. Help them achieve this goal by providing beautifully printed cards, with interesting designs. Enlist the help of a professional printing company if you need some ideas.

8. Team Up with a Small Business

It might sound counterproductive to suggest teaming up with the competition. However, it’s a chance to expand your brand experience. For instance, it’s common for nail and hair salons to join forces on special occasions and offer customers complementary deals. There’s no risk of losing business because the teammate is sufficiently different to themselves.

9. Keep Communicating

At the very time when shoppers are demanding contact, most businesses retreat. The holiday season is so busy that communication tends to get pushed to the side. This shouldn’t be the case. You could be taking advantage of the fact that shoppers find it hard to get a quick response from companies at Christmas. Be a business that writes back, acknowledges comments, and addresses concerns as and when they occur.

Realising the Beauty of Print and Paper Marketing 

These days, there’s such a heavy focus on digital channels that it’s easy to forget how striking a good print campaign can be. According to cognitive research, people are significantly more likely to remember information given in a tangible, physical form. So, if you can find a way to get print media to the right people, it will have a lasting impact.

Author Bio:

Richard Kearsey is a digital designer at a leading creative design agency in London, specialising in graphic design and brand design services. He loves creativity and enjoys experimenting with various design techniques for both web and print.

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