Succeed in Social Media and Reach Your Target Audience

Being in a social media is much more than simply posting advertisements for a brand, it is building an image through content, interaction and metrics. 

No company wants to be just another brand in social media. Being prominent is decisive when the idea is to impact people to generate leads and sales. The influence of social media on the target audience of most companies is indisputable, but each segment deserves specific care. Recognizing the niche market in which a brand is embedded will help the digital marketer to define more accurate digital strategic planning. Many people wonder: what is the secret to success with social networks? The answer is simple: work, unprecedented content and quality, interaction and advertising in the right measure.

Identify and plan

The first step to investing in digital marketing in social media is to identify in which network your business is most likely to achieve the desired success. The idea is to identify which media is most used by the target audience. At this time no matter what your preferred social network, who will define this is the potential consumer. Few brands have realized that planning is key to success in social media. So, if you have a strategy you will already be at an advantage. The personality and lifestyle of your target audience will help you define the best social media for them. 

Extra tip: Draw a goal for the brand on social networks. For example: building a closer relationship with the target audience, generating more leads, publicizing the brand, becoming a reference in that segment.


Content is not everything, but it's almost everything

It is impossible to stand out in social media just by replicating other people's content. You need to offer something new and relevant if you want to make a difference in networks. Remember, content needs to meet the pains and desires of your target audience. Quality content engages, is shared on the platforms and engages the interest of future customers.

Do you want to know how to make quality content? First, it needs to be informative, that is, to bring information, a novelty, something that will change people's lives. It also needs to be shareable - the viral ones are born at this point - and relevant to the target audience. For example, it's no use talking about the World Cup when it comes to the Olympics. You'll be out!

Extra tip: Create a person. Today there are already platforms that help the professional in the construction of this ideal client. Give a person a name, a profession, physical characteristics, habits and hobbies. Every time you post something on social media, think about how that person will feel. This will help the brand to get closer to who really is interested in your business.

Be nice, interact!

In addition to feeding social media with quality content and periodicity, you need to be aware of your audience. Respond, comment and give attention to who has paid attention is the best way to tell the user: you make a difference in my business, thank you! Creating profiles on social media just by creating it will not help you achieve the expected success. If the brand does not communicate effectively with your audience, it will soon be forgotten.

Consumers and fans of a brand post comments and expect reciprocity on networks. The digital marketing team of some brands like Microsoft and the Xbox have become examples of how to use social networks - in the two cases cited above, Twitter - to relate to the target audience. Do not just create an auto responder. The certainty that a human being is interacting with you is the best way to demonstrate how that customer is important to the brand.


Measure, analyze and change what you need

Accompaniment and attention are fundamental in social media. The digital marketing professional needs to know when the audience of that brand is connected, when it consumes more content and when it is prone to purchase - in the case of a virtual store.

Having this information will help the company to stand out from the rest, as it will allow the brand to offer content when the user is available to read or watch videos, as well as offer promotions and discounts when he is really in order to make a purchase. Measuring results and analyzing them is the best way to know if the path chosen is correct or if it is time to change course.

Still few companies develop measurement strategies. Check out some metrics that the professional should have:

  • Shares
  • Clicks
  • Conversion Rates
  • Traffic of social channels to the site


Smart Advertising

The time when people were available to receive ads all the time is over. No one else wants a promotion or discount to be pushed down the throat. The digital marketing professional needs to be more articulate to be subtle and at the same time efficient. Most social media offer post sponsorship options. This is great for anyone who wants, for example, to accelerate the process of disclosure of a company or brand. The same goes for products or services that can be offered through a sponsored link to people who have never heard of that business.

Extra tip: Use real photos. Avoid image banks as much as possible. Produce copyrights. If you do not have the budget available to hire a professional, choose good equipment and take beautiful pictures, the internet is full of tips.


It is important to remember that defining your audience is the basis for creating marketing tactics, assertively targeting specific customers. Anyone who thinks campaigns should be attractive only to the end consumer is wrong; she should invite everyone who participates in the purchase decision.


Author Bio:

Sarah Feldman is a Marketing Manager and is currently working with Digital Express, a social media marketing agency Dubai. She loves to learn and share about latest digital marketing updates and trends.

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