14 Examples of Great Video Marketing

Video marketing is taking B2C and B2B audience engagement to new highs. People love to be entertained, shocked and enthralled. We all love to laugh, to be moved to tears, to learn and be motivated by something inspiring. Video tells stories in a way that affects us immensely, and the statistics tell us that ‘including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%’ (Hubspot).

Before we launch into these 14 brilliant examples of video marketing, it’s important to make it clear that the majority of these videos have had tidy budget attached to them — not all of them, but most. Don’t feel intimidated or frustrated at the videos that make this list, instead take something from each as inspiration that you can strive toward in your video marketing strategy.

1) Because animals are cute: Purina Puppyhood

There’s plenty of research out there to justify our complete and utter love of animals, and videos featuring cute critters. What’s even better is when species interconnect with each other — like lions and monkeys cohabiting, or dogs taking ducks under their wing (pun intended). And videos like this super cute puppy adoption brought to life by Purina to advertise Puppy Chow. I’ll buy 10 bags and I don’t even have a dog.


2) Because we all want to be a hero — just once: GoPro

While we’re on the cute and cuddly animal videos, this ‘Be a Hero’ campaign from GoPro will melt any heart, and make you want to buy a GoPro, just so you can capture beautiful moments like this.

3) Because we say yes to empowerment: Nike Women - YouTube channel

This makes makes the list because I can’t pick just one Nike video that doesn’t do an awesome job at empowering female athletes and also representing their feelings to the world, to men, to each other. And make no mistake, these videos sell trainers and active wear, but they don’t apologise for that. The Nike brand is evoking something in us, it’s empowering all women regardless of shape, size or ethnicity — to get active. That’s powerful marketing.

4) Because sometimes time spent not drinking wine, is time wasted: Mirabeau Wines

‘How to’ videos are among the best on the internet. Even if they’re not viral sensations, they do achieve something important: they’re useful to the viewer and they convert. This video from Mirabeau wines succeeds at being valuable as well as entertaining, and contrary to the above statement, did achieve viral status – along with some of the company’s other popular ‘how to’ videos.


5) Because no matter how technology evolves — we’re still aesthetic people: DoDoCase — The Art of the Book

This inspiring company journey video shows the human side of the DoDoCase brand and connects on a nostalgic level to anyone who has ever held a book, or smelled the pages of a parent’s favourite childhood novel. It’s clever but it’s genuine, and that’s what sells this product and makes this video so impactful.

6) Because it’s remarkable: OK GO – The One Moment

OK Go are an American rock band renowned for creating epic music videos. This time they teamed up with Morton Salt, whose catchphrase is ‘it only takes one moment to make a difference’. Morton Salt produce salt – it’s just salt! But with this ad, they manage to achieve so much more. They sell an ideal that families and young people will pay for at the supermarket. It’s genius.


7) Because it resonates and lets mum have some fun: The Motherhood – Fiat 500

This Fiat ad created by UK video agency Rubber Republic is so much fun. And it’s super clever. Best of all, it lets mums take a moment to reflect on their lives in a satirical way, and gives everyone else a chance to pay homage to the special woman in their lives who wears so many hats every day.


8) Because it’s action packed and awesome: Hackett London suit jump – how to make a cocktail in 60 seconds

This is another video created by the video gurus at Rubber Republic. This time it’s Hewett London putting their men’s attire to the ultimate test. It’s fun, it’s extreme, it’s imaginative: and at the end of the day, if you can make a suit look that good at 12,000 feet in the air, you’ve got my vote.


9) Because it’s practical and you wonder why it’s not done more often: Dynavi customer service videos

Dynavi is an ecommerce app that automatically creates a bespoke video for customers who’ve ordered from your store. Their product description video shows how you can take a simple order confirmation email to the next level. The videos thank the customers, confirm their orders and leave them feeling warm and fuzzy.


10) Because we love our dads: #RealDadMoments – Dove Men+Care

There is a lot of empowering ‘femvertising’, as it’s sometimes dubbed out in media land at the moment, and that’s fantastic. But there is gap in the market for videos that empower men. Dove created a #realdadmoments Dad’s campaign back in 2014, but since then we’ve not heard too many new ‘manvertising’ stories. I don’t believe for a second there aren’t some great ones left untold. Go for it, create an inspiring video that focuses on someone whose story isn’t being told. Make one for the boys and let us know how you get on. The reason this video is great is because Dove found a niche that was crying out for content — you can do that to. When you enter a new market like this for your brand — you may want to undertake some focus group testing to make sure your messaging is hitting the mark — it may need a few rounds of edits.


11) Because Live Streaming is a brilliant marketing tool: Streaming Tank – Samsung’s ‘Step into Rio’

The team at Streaming Tank are up there with the best in the world at harnessing live streaming technology and using it for brand marketing. This world-first 360 degree VI Live Stream was created to promote the RIO Olympics and shows the potential of technology in modern video marketing. Read more about Streaming Tank on the Smarta blog.


12) Because it’s social influencer video marketing at it’s most influential: Shonduras

Shaun McBride or Shonduras as he’s known in the marketing and media world is a man and a brand. He became a Snapchat celeb by creating branded content for today’s social media landscape. He uses social media platforms to create branded content for big names and you can see some of his work by visiting his YouTube Channel or any of his social media profiles. Shonduras is always promoting products in his videos, even if they appear to be for his personal amusement — but he does it subtly and has a lot of fun in the process.

YouTube: Insane Juggling Trick Shots – spot the products

YouTube: Insane Juggling Trick Shots – spot the products

13) Because it’s a spectacle and it funds athlete achievements: There's Always Fresh Snow on Red Bull TV!

When it comes to extreme video advertising, Red Bull own the game. In fact, they’ve had their own in-house video production unit, Red Bull Media House, since 20017. Their snow sports videos and sponsorships not only push media and advertising, but enable athletes to push themselves and innovate their sports. Red Bull have become synonymous with massive extreme sporting events and concerts, but their videos are always a highlight.


14) Because it’s one of the funniest, crudest government messages you’re likely to see: Metro Trains Victoria

Australian’s Metro Trains had an important message to get across about safety near train stations and railroads. Their ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ video campaign became a viral success with millions of views around the world. If you haven’t yet watched it, join the masses and check out the sequel whilst you’re at it.


There’s a lot of great examples in this list and I could find many more. I could also write you a list of video marketing failures, and there would be a huge pool to choose from. All you need to do is have a go, pick out the elements you think are important and some of the techniques you’d like to replicate. Have fun!

Patrick Foster: Ecommerce Entrepreneur, Coach & Writer

I’m an ecommerce marketer and SME coach with a passion for online technology. Video marketing is a hot topic in the industry right now and I’m lucky enough to have first-hand experience of its power.

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