Six team building events your staff will never forget.

For some reason, many businesses get the idea that team building has to involve sitting in a room at the back of the office with a range of tedious ‘trust exercises’. But the truth is that there are hundreds of fantastic activities that your team can indulge in. Good team building is about building a genuine bond between the team members and providing fantastic memories. Here are six team building activities that your staff will never forget.

Battling the zombies

What could be a better way to bring a team together than to thrust them into the zombie apocalypse? Through experience day provider Into the Blue your team can be put into a live action zombie infection experience, in which the undead have risen. Staff take on the role of team of zombie soldiers sent in to neutralise the problem and find a cure.

Arm airsoft rifles they will be entering an experience that’s fun, theatrical and will undoubtedly bring them together as they take on the hordes. This is exhilarating and exciting but also requires teamwork if you want to succeed.


Does your team have the skills to navigate their way out of the wilderness? They will after a team building day of orienteering. Orienteering may be one of the ultimate exercises in team work and trusting others.

Your team will be taken out into the countryside and split into groups. They will then be tasked with navigating their way to another point on the map – the way they choose to get there is completely up to them. This is a brilliant challenge with absolutely no Google Maps allowed!

Create your own perfume

Not so keen on getting out into the great outdoors? Another fantastic team building experience is the chance to create your own perfume. This is a day of insight into scents, essential oils and other perfume ingredients that your team will get to combine to create a perfume that they love.

Whilst they learn about the art of perfume making, they’ll also be learning more about their colleagues. This can really bring the whole team together for a day of education and enjoyment.

Quad bike racing

If you’re looking for a team building event that is simultaneously a lot of fun and allows your team to let out their competitive side, quad bike racing could be the perfect event. If your team have never ridden a quad bike before, it’s quite an experience – they will have to navigate a complicated course relying on precision driving and a healthy dose of speed.

Cooking class

Cooking can be one of the great joys in life, so taking a fun and insightful cooking class with your team can be a brilliant way to not only get the team to bond, but also help them understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Learning a new skill together will give staff great memories together and something to laugh about – it might even lead to them bringing in something delicious to share with colleagues every so often.

There are a range of different cuisines you can choose from. It could be an idea to send around an email to check what kinds of food your team likes so that you can all learn something that you’re going to enjoy – it’s probably not a brilliant idea to book a steak cooking class if half your team is vegetarian.

Clay pigeon shooting

Get away from the workplace for something totally different with clay pigeon shooting. Many of your team will have never fired a shotgun before, so they can enjoy a brand new experience. This is a highly inclusive activity that builds camaraderie among the team, and can even be taken competitively.

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