Why & How Print Brochures Help with Offline Marketing Efforts

With all the talk about online marketing through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google AdWords and other networks, it’s easy to forget that offline marketing can be just as effective.

While it’s possible to view a garment of clothing via an e-commerce site using a smartphone, seeing a life-size colour image of it on the glossy page brings the details to life. A colour image using an Adobe RGB full-colour gamut that depicts the fabric’s hue more realistically is important to industries where a shade off here or there matters; think fashion, interior design and art.

Print brochures have mainly been used in the offline work to help with marketing products, services or improving the brand reputation. Let’s look more closely at that now.

Part of a Media Kit

Preparing a media kit to send out to members of the media is an important part of marketing. Not every newspaper, magazine and online publisher of news, reviews and press releases will know about the company, its products or services, or its history. A media kit provides background on the business, where it’s come from, where it’s heading, and the key players in leadership roles.

Depending on the type of media kit being created, they may even include a printed t-shirt (especially in these days of easily created Merch by Amazon t-shirts that can be designed and ordered individually at affordable prices). Other items like a branded tote bag, a colour brochure, and colour leaflets with the latest offers and last-minute corrections provide enough background to help reporters and other media people complete their assignments. While the t-shirts and little extras are a nice touch, it’s the information that’s most important to reporters.

Versatile Marketing Tools of the Trade

The versatility of marketing brochures shouldn’t be overlooked. Restaurants use brochures to provide an attractive menu to help customers narrow down their choice of starters and select their main course and side dishes like chips or a salad before hitting up the dessert menu. For dentist’s waiting rooms, along with the many well-thumbed glossy magazines on show, there’s probably a brochure listing the different cosmetic dentistry work that’s performed at the dentist’s surgery. Cosmetic procedures are usually optional and make good promotional reading while patients are waiting.

Traveling salespeople who still go door-to-door often use a brochure to promote products because they cannot carry everything that they offer. In a situation where the product range doesn’t change that often, brochure printing provides companies with a way to empower their sales force by helping them look more professional and organised.

With the advent of services like Print24’s cheap brochure printing, some companies update their marketing material every 1-3 months. Doing so allows the company to include new products that might boost sales and highlight recent best-sellers to give them an extra push.

Distributable Packages for Trade Shows

The trade show is a great opportunity to put together a bag of goodies for attendees to take away with them, long after they’ve visited the company’s booth. It is up to the company how themed they wish to get with the contents of the bag. The bag itself can be branded and it might include a mug or small product samples, but it will also have a brochure featuring the best-selling product lines in truncated form to ensure the marketing material is not too bulky (attendees quickly get weighed down).

While the other trinkets and freebies are nice, what stays with the potential or existing customer days after the event is the brochure. It’s more substantial, stands up to greater punishment before it reaches their office or home safely, and should provide an excellent, usable overview of what the company can do for them. People tend to forget the pens and magnets and other items, but not the brochure if they’re serious about the company - and that’s what companies are counting on.

Compliment Brochures with Magazine Printing

A reputable printing company is likely to offer professional magazine printing too. When a colour brochure is going to become too large to be practical in that form, even when information is spread over several pages and having tried different form factors, then print magazines are another way to go. They can contain a greater number of pages while still providing insightful information. Being more substantial to the touch, the receiver is more likely to keep them because they don’t feel discard-able like a leaflet.

Many senior marketing teams are making the mistake of beginning to ignore the possibilities still present in offline marketing and even direct mailings. The last few years has seen online marketing explode and take centre stage in the UK. This has created a vacuum of sorts for enterprising businesses that see how direct mail is now more effective than ever because the volume of mail being sent out this way has dropped substantially. Similarly, companies have dialled back on their use of brochures, mistakenly believing that they’re less needed. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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