Best Ways to Retain your Customers

Retaining customers can be a lot cheaper than getting new ones, so you should be paying attention to this. We’re here to share with you the best ways to retain these customers in the long term, instead of losing them to your competitors.

Connect with Them

Allowing your users to connect with you on social media or through a blog gives them a much better idea of your brand voice. This allows them to understand who you are as a brand and why you’re better than the competitors out there. People do still have brand loyalty in some respects, but you have to cultivate the relationship that you have with them properly.

Choosing to create a brand voice that resonates with your user will give you a serious edge. Keep this consistent over all the course of your time talking with your users and also across all of the platforms that you use. If you use different brand voices across the site and on social media, you will confuse your user and they’ll be less likely to come back to you in future.

It’s important to create this kind of connection with your user as this will give you something that your competitor doesn’t have.

Create a CRM

Customer Relationship Management, or a CRM for short, is a way to continue to reach out and connect with your users. This kind of plan will allow you to have a schedule in place that you can refer back to whenever you need it. On this plan, you can input emails, sales and anything else that you need to refresh things with your user.

You can click here to learn more about whether cloud CRM or on-premise is more beneficial for your company. A CRM is a powerful tool to keep your users coming back for more, regardless of how long it’s been since they have purchased with you.

Offer them Value

A loyalty scheme or exclusive sale is a great way to reward the users that you want to come back time and again. This gives them value and makes them feel special for shopping with you, which is exactly what you want to achieve. By making them feel this way, they won’t want to go elsewhere as they feel like a valued customer on your platform.

This doesn’t need to be expensive to implement or have a lot of complex features. Oftentimes it’s enough to send out a deal now and again to preferred customers. You can absorb the costs to offer them free shipping and they’ll likely come to shop with you again. It’s all about getting them back to your store and using those vouchers to establish that connection all over again, so make it lucrative and exciting.

Advertising costs to bring in new customers can seriously eat into your profits, so make the most of the customers that you have to maximise this profit. Then, you can invest that money right back into your brand for a better return.

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