Simple, Lightning-Fast Payment Solutions for Vendors and Businesses

With a thousand different daily tasks to juggle, the last thing you need is a complex, slow solution for handling payments. Whether you're sending payments to vendors or expecting payment for products and services rendered, the time it takes for transactions to process can be a real point of contention between businesses and customers.

Because of this, most businesses are in search of quick and easy payment options that are amenable to both sides of the transaction. Vendors and businesses that can guarantee prompt payment are more likely to secure valuable contracts, and those that offer easy payment solutions to customers stand a better chance at earning their business.

To make the pursuit of fast and easy payment processing easier, here are some awesome options to consider when looking to upgrade your payment processors or merchant networks.


One of the world's biggest payment processors for individuals and small businesses, PayPal provides services on a global scale to more than 100 million people. While many think of PayPal as an easy way to send payments between two account holders, it also offers a wide variety of flexible solutions for businesses needing faster payments service.

From the PayPal Business Debit Card (that allows immediate access to funds) to merchant processing options and lines of credit, PayPal makes it possible to easily and quickly pay customers, vendors, and individuals in many unique ways. It even offers card readers to businesses that often process payments in-person.


If the need for processing credit and debit cards in real time is a primary concern for your business, then Square should be a top contender. Whether it is chip and pin, contactless cards, or even mobile payments, Square arguably offers the most in-person payment functionality of any vendor – and without large commitments.

With rates ranging from 1.75 – 2.5%, its fees are highly competitive for a service that doesn't require huge contracts. In addition, those seeking faster payments service will be pleased: Square processes deposits into business bank accounts every business day, meaning you won't have to wait a week or more to see deposits or for your vendors to be paid.


If direct debit processing speed and faster payments is a prime concern for your business or brand, then the people at AccessPay have an optimal solution available. Utilising its cloud-based direct debit processing service, businesses can easily manage payments and services for an unlimited number of Bacs Direct Debit payments and accounts. You'll be hard-pressed to find a faster payments service.

With a variety of reporting features, automated processing services, and integration with many of the apps and services businesses already use, AccessPay can guarantee a faster payments service for both your business and the businesses with which you do business.


Processing payments from customers and paying vendors in a timely manner is at the top of the list of priorities for Vantiv. Through this international payment processing service, businesses will be able to accept card payments both domestically and internationally without delays or difficulties.

For businesses that need to quickly turnaround payments, online payment processing services are available and can guarantee swift payments to clients and vendors alike. Whether the need to process a payment is for an in-store purchase, online transaction, or P2P deposits, Vantiv's wide array of payment options allow you to take care of business quickly.

Quickbooks Payments

From the makers of the world's most popular business accounting software comes their one-of-a-kind payment processing solution. Quickbooks Payments guarantees that you'll receive payments “twice as fast” by accepting them via their software.

You can configure the software to accept any number of unique payment methods, as well as receive instant notifications whenever a payment is processed. The software can also integrate with other aspects of your store-front or inventory, allowing you to track product counts from anywhere in the world and even process payments in-person with their own card reader (or use your own!).

With more stress than ever on businesses to process payments easily and render payment quickly, finding the right payment solution is a must. These five payment solutions can help you both process and pay out in record time, and provide flexibility in terms of how payments are processed or delivered. Technology truly is a wonderful thing: when used properly, it can make your day-to-day business operations much easier!

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