5 Ways an Office Refurbishment Can Benefit Your Business

Refurbishing an office may involve what seems like a considerable amount of financial expenditure and even disruption when everything is taken into consideration. The long-term benefits however can be considerable and long lasting.

Read on to learn five reasons why getting a professional office refurbishment can benefit your business, regardless of the size or scale of the project.

1. An Improved Working Environment

An office that has evolved over several years can, and in most cases will, have a few drawbacks. It will not have been designed for today’s demands or technical advances. Additions will have been fitted in wherever possible as they have become necessary, rather than having been implemented in the best possible place. For example, an increased workforce will have resulted in the need for more workstations and equipment, and this will have had a significant impact upon the workspace if their placement has not been carefully considered. Chairs and equipment are often located wherever there is available space.

Office spaces have a habit of creating their own problems as they evolve over time. A busy workforce doesn’t have time to deal with ageing and redundant equipment, furniture and paperwork, and these often accumulate in untidy heaps dotted around the workspace. This takes up valuable space and time and will have to be dealt with one day.

Workers who have to spend their working days in an environment that has not been appropriately laid out and equipped can become irritated, causing a significant drop in office morale. Consequently, employee attention spans may become shorter leading to dread any time they spend at work. This can seriously impact upon productivity and staff retention.

  1. Develop a Happier Workforce

It doesn’t take a psychology degree to know that employees who find their work environment comfortable, appropriate and suitable for their needs will be happier than those who don’t. If someone is comfortable, both physically and emotionally, they are going to be able to focus on their work and complete it to a higher standard. This will result in increased productivity and even staff retention, fixing the aforementioned issues.

  1. Create an Environment for Staff & Clients

There is no doubt that potential clients and workers alike will be impressed by an environment that has been created professionally through a purpose-designed office refurbishment. As well as demonstrating an understanding of employee needs and showing an attitude that seeks to nurture good working practices, a bespoke office refurbishment will speak to a company’s overall character. In other words, it can communicate the character and ethos of a business to a potential client.

From the colour scheme and lay out, to increased efficiency resulting from a well-designed office environment, professional office design and refurbishment can speak volumes to potential clients.

  1. Meet Future Challenges

Successful business means growth. With growth comes the need to expand physical space and accommodation. This can sometimes be done without the required planning, with desks, chairs and equipment squeezed in wherever possible. More staff requires more desk space and chairs, along with further storage space and facilities such as water or drinks dispensers. Each and every aspect of an office must be taken into consideration as a business experiences significant growth.

Designing a great office space that will allow for growth and meet a continued increase in demands must cover everything from central elements such as furnishings and equipment, to less noticeable aspects such as storage and waste disposal. Additionally, the overall impact of the office environment upon workers and visitors alike must be considered. This includes every single element of the workspace environment including the use of colour, lighting, climate control and noise limitation.

By commissioning a professional office refurbishment company, your business can seize the opportunity to create an environment that is not only fit for today, but also the future and whatever lies ahead for the business. New workers can be located swiftly and with ease. Office equipment is becoming easier to locate due to portability and reduced size, but it must all be networked appropriately and work with the utmost efficiency with minimum interruption and maintenance. All of these elements must also be covered within the brief of an office refurbishment commission.

  1. Keep Your Office Workspace Up to Date

A refurbished office space will present businesses with the best opportunity to remain current and meet its growing needs, as well as being prepared for the challenges of the future. Of course, it is not possible to predict with certainty what will transpire in the coming years; but it is possible to plan as much as possible. It would benefit any business greatly to remain flexible and fit for purpose through a professionally-refurbished office environment.

If you’re planning an office refurbishment talk to Saracen Interiors, a leading provider of workplace revitalisation projects in London and across the UK. With more than three decades of experience, Saracen provide professional project management for small office fit-outs to major office refurbishment projects in multi-storey buildings.

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