How To Help The Bored Employee

At first, everything might seem to be fantastic and exciting. But after a while, once you begin to master your skills and you must deal with the same old tasks every day at work, your days and work hours will become extremely boring. No employer wants to have bored employees, but unfortunately, this is a common thing that’s happening in every workplace in different degrees.

As the leading manager of your team of employees, you must be already wondering if there is something you can do about it. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to improve the engagement, interest, and motivation of your “bored” employees.

Well, in today’s post, we’re presenting several powerful tips and tricks to help employees fight their way back from boredom to passion while working for your company. Pay attention and make sure that you apply everything you learn in this post or else you might be just wasting your time and attention!

1.      Shut Down the Routine

After your job loses its “freshness”, it becomes a part of your daily routine. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, routine leads to boredom. Even the tasks that you have once enjoyed doing will turn into boring “musts” at one point or another.

As the one in charge, you should be proactive and find solutions to help your employees step out of their boring routine. For example, you can organize different daily activities during the lunch break. Like the team from LG has quiz contests every day at their lunch break, you can organize something similar, or even better, organize your unique idea.

Or, why don’t you ask your team about what activities would they like to have? let them choose it by organizing a vote.

2.      Challenge Your Employees

In most of the cases, the first who get bored are the smartest individuals. If your best employees are bored, negative consequences will arise. By not getting the best out of your best, the company’s performance will surely drop. Therefore, you need to make sure to keep their mind challenged with various tasks, projects, or opportunities.

Also, a very challenging motivation for any employee is to become responsible for bigger aspects. This will not only show them that they are worth your trust, but it will also give them a true purpose to give their one hundred percent each day at work.

3.      Provide a Flexible Schedule

Most employees are driven crazy by the fact that they must work for 8 hours (standard) no matter what. Many employees finish their work faster than they’re expected yet they are not allowed to go home or do some else until the time’s up. How do you expect your employees to focus on results if they’re never rewarded for them?

Take your time and understand if you can truly provide each of your employees with enough tasks and assignments to keep them busy during the time they must be at work.

If you can’t, you should really reconsider the flexibility of their schedule. An option would be to let them fully control their timetable as long as they are finishing their tasks. If they fail, they’re no longer allowed to manage their time on their own and they’ll have to stick to your company’s standard schedule.

4.      Provide Development or Training Courses

One of the reasons why some of the employees are bored is because they outgrow their job’s responsibilities. Take your time and get to know each of your team members to assess and understand what they truly desire. After you find out about their interests, show them that you care about their careers and provide training and development courses for the ones who are interested.

Furthermore, if the courses don’t take place at the workplace, let them take some hours off from the workday to be able to attend those specific courses, seminars, or training.

5.       Have Some Fun

As their manager, you should set a proper example for your employees. Therefore, don’t stay closed in your office all day long doing paperwork. Break out the ordinary and do something fun or even relaxing together with the employees.

Chill out the working atmosphere and break up the boredom by doing something interactive. Play cards, discuss, brainstorm, dream, or do whatever involves each of your team members into a non-work-related activity. This is also a good opportunity to bond with your employees. So, it’s a win-win.


Boredom in the workplace is a “disease” that every manager must deal with. Use these insightful tips and tricks to break up the boredom syndrome of your employees once and for all.

Don’t forget to pay attention to their behavior to spot out the boredom when it hits, so you can instantly do something about it. Keep your mind and options open and you should be fine.


Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at Proessaywriting. He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. You can reach him at G+  or  Facebook.

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