3 Things to Consider Before Opening a Restaurant in the UK

If you are going to be opening a new eatery in the UK, you will be in competition with some of the world’s best restaurants. The good news is that there is still room for more great places for UK locals to grab a quick bite to eat. Grab some restaurant booths for sale so that you can make the best use of space in smaller commercial venues. Learn more about the cities and neighbourhoods in the UK so you have an idea of where you should offer your food based on what restaurants are already set up. Lastly, know that you’re in for an exciting ride as you work to establish your new restaurant business.

1. Location

The area in which you choose to open a restaurant is vital if you are going to succeed in the UK. Of course, rents for restaurant spaces are going to be higher in London than in a small village in the countryside, but you’ll also get a guaranteed steady trickle of business. Make sure that you are opening your restaurant where there will be a healthy amount of business. You don’t want to open up a kabob stand right next to a more established eatery that sells Middle Eastern food. Try to distinguish yourself from the other restaurants and be open to referring customers when they ask for something that isn’t on your menu.

2. Salaried Employees

Unlike the US, restaurant servers in the UK earn a decent living wage and are not expected to make their income from tips. For restaurant owners, that means paying your staff a lot more money. On the other hand, you can also have higher expectations of your servers at your UK-based restaurant, as your staff will know exactly how much they will be earning on their payslips. In short, you need to prepare and assemble a restaurant crew that can meet your standards, so they are worth the amount of money you want to pay hourly. Just be fair and see if you can offer other incentives to attract the best servers.

3. Hours of Operation

Depending on what kind of food your restaurant will be offering on the menu, you may need to have a restaurant that is strictly open for breakfast service or one that operates into the wee hours of the morning. Pubs and bars typically open up a bit later in the day and stay open until the nightclubs close down. Patrons will want to know what kind of food your restaurant is serving and, of course, they also need to know when your restaurant opens and closes.

You can open a restaurant anywhere in the world if you have your paperwork together, have financing, and are open to change. Remember that it is your job to adjust to what the locals want, so do your homework before trying to open a new restaurant in the UK. If you play your cards just right you will be not only welcomed into the community with open arms, your restaurant will also be celebrated.

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