The Role of eLearning & How It Can Help Companies in All Niches

Many businesses around the world focus on growing and expanding themselves using traditional forms of marketing, many methods of which include content marketing, paid advertising campaigns and email strategies. 

However, one of the most increasingly popular, and most affordable, ways to grow your business comes from the eLearning industry. While still a form of content marketing per se, creating online courses and eLearning packages for your business can be extremely beneficial.

Today, we’re going to explore these many benefits, detailing how you can implement this kind of content into your marketing strategy, resulting in rapid expansion of your business and exponential growth.


Increasing Your Revenue

Of course, one of the greatest benefits you can enjoy from creating and designing your own eLearning packages is profit. Once the course has been designed, you can host it on your website and sell them to your customers.

Currently, statistics show that the eLearning industry has surpassed a value of $255 billion, making it a lucrative industry to get involved in. Although traditional expenses, such as hosting, development and platforms fees, still exist, once you’ve created the package, it can be sold an infinite number of times, making it one of the most profitable ventures around.


Expanding Your Target Market

Another ideal benefit that creating eLearning courses provide is expanding your customer base, and naturally your brand awareness. This is because customers who potentially had no idea your business existed, but are still operating within your industry, can then find your packages and therefore come into contact with your business.

If you plan on using the concept of eLearning packages in this way as your main purpose, you’ll want to offer these courses out to your customers for free since this is the most effective way to grab your user’s attention. Since the internet is such a vast place, the chances are that there is similar information about your topic out there that’s available for free. 

“However, an effective eLearning package takes all this information and compiles it into an easy to digest format where they can learn everything they need to know quickly and conveniently, which is why an affordable nominal fee works” - explains William Adames, an eLearning Consultant at Resumention.


Building on Your Current Products or Service

This is one of the most important points you’ll want to consider when it comes to online courses and packages. As a business, you’ll already be offering products or services to your customers. However, regardless of what industry or niche you’re operating in, educating your customers on how to achieve success in your industry using your products and services only contributes to your success.

Let’s say you own a company who develops communication software. There are countless topics you could cover in your eLearning packages, from teaching people how to use your software platforms to tutorials on how to communicate effectively on a personal level, or even more niche topics such as ‘how to effectively communicate with a remote team’.

This draws customers into your brand and does wonders when it comes to customer retention. “By offering courses alongside the product or service itself, you’re providing your customers with the ‘whole package’, dramatically minimising the risk that your customers will take their business elsewhere” - comments Jose Gravel, a Psychology writer at Assignment Help.


Creating Your Own eLearning Packages - Starting Out

The first step you need to take when planning to create your own packages is choosing which topics you’re going to cover. Depending on your business and industry, you might have infinite options, or you might be restricted to your product or service. However, get creative with your brainstorming, and you’re sure to come up with numerous concepts.

Another great way to approach this is to research your industry to see what content already exists. You can then be inspired by the content that’s already out there as well as looking for gaps and opportunities where content is missing.


Creating Your Own eLearning Packages - Marketing

It’s important to remember that there needs to be a market and demand out there for you to sell or promote your courses to for them to be successful. However, this is easier than you make think. One of the best ways to find out this information is to simply ask your existing customers what they are interested in learning about.

Glen Clark, a Business Coach at Paper Fellows and Huffingtonpost expert writer says: “This could be done using a survey on your website, an email survey that you send out, or even a social media poll. With this information in mind, you know exactly what topics you’ll be covering, and you’ll know that they’ll work for your business.”


Creating Your Own eLearning Packages - Over to You!

Now it’s time for you to start creating your online courses! With all the information we’ve listed above, you should have no problems getting started since you have the goal and purpose of this project fresh in your mind.

You can try creating your content from scratch, either in a text-based or video format and host them on your website, promoting them in the same way that you would your other content.

Alternatively, you can use comprehensive eLearning solutions like Thinkific that can help and guide you through the process of creating your own content, ensuring a professional standard for every package you create.


Freddie Tubbs is an elearning manager at Ukwritings. He works as a part-time resume writer at Resumention, and is a regular contributor at the Vault and Paper Fellows.

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