Marketing ideas to recruit more students to a college?

It's a relatively new creative communications college, (about 15 years old) and it only specializes in the creative industries and the likes. Can you suggest marketing ideas that will be able to recruit more students to study there?

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The best way to market to students, is to get them involved! Have "open days" but with a twist. Since the college specializes in the creative industry, make it a hands-on event, where the students get to try out a day in the different departments and actually be creative rather than being shown around the buildings and being told what the course entails.

To attract creative orientated students, the college in turn needs to be creative in its approach to gaining that influx of applicants. Posters detailing the open day could read "be an actor...", "be a musician...", "be a radio presenter...", ...for a day! With details of the event and college also clearly on display.
Great advice above! Hands on events are likely to draw in the crowds, especially if you market it as a fun day out. Allow people to become involved in the activities, but not just them, their families too if they come along! Offer refreshments too, and generally make it a fun, exciting event, where people can try things they may never have tried before.
I've had a couple universities as clients in the past and we were most successful with recruitment initiatives which leveraged current students and alumni in spreading the word to those about to apply.

Starting a programme to acknowledge recent accomplishments of noteworthy alumni and/or current students, whether through grants or awards is a good start. It shows that your students are successful and reassures potential applicants. Of course, these types of programmes take time to roll-out and rewards may not be reaped for a while.

Given your specialty, a more immediate idea is to partner with the likes of CrowdSpring and 99Designs [for creative and graphic arts]. It seems that there are a number of students participating in the design competitions (you'll need to confirm this), perhaps your faculty could provide design critiques to those under 18 who participate on the site. And, perhaps, provide a partial or full scholarship to the most promising talent who opts in for your 'critique'.

Another thought is to engage your current student body in a Tweet/Social Media campaign, as your student body should already be advocates of the school (assuming your offering is solid). For instance, you could have a lively and entertaining faculty member filmed offering advice on crafting the perfect portfoilio to accompany their art school application, place it on your web site as well as on YouTube. Tell a few key students (the social connectors) about the video and ensure it's easily shareable. Assuming it's helpful and entertaining, your students will likely pass it along to their peers who may soon apply.