How do you get a bar code for a new product?

Asked by Nina Walker | 3 Years ago in subject: General and in industry: All (non-sector specific)


Hello Nina, 
 If you are planning to sell your products into retail or through a larger distribution chain then getting a bar code would be either an advantage or sometimes essential. One of my clients is involved in magazines and for them it is definitely a necessity. There are sometimes slightly different preferences and procedures according to the industry sector but good places to action or get more background info would be or . If you are planning to sell overseas make sure any barcode you get will be suitable and acceptable in world markets too. Hope this helps.  

The number on the bar codes needs to be licensed from GS1uk, who are the company which manage all the numbers. Steve has mentioned their website above. It is a good idea to read about this prior and be sure it is something you need, as you will have to continue paying annual fees for use of the numbers. For small companies this can be costly and unnecessary (as i found out!).
Once you have your numbers, you will have to approach another company who will produce the actual images for you in the required format (either as a file or labels). So there will be this additional cost on top of the licensing fee you pay.

If you need specific help just let me know, as I have been through thr process so would be happy to lend a hand!