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Grannies, Inc.
Founder name(s):
Katie Mowat
Year founded:

Grannies, Inc. Ltd.

Customised knitwear, homemade by a team of British grannies

Imagine a world in which you could buy a woolly hat, gloves or other delightfully cozy knitted goods, not only customisable to your own colour and pattern choices, but actually made by real life grannies. Such a world exists - for this is precisely what Grannies Inc. does.

Founder Katie Mowat employs a team of no less than 14 kindly-looking grannies to knit, um, knitwear, that you customise on the Grannies Inc. website. We love this one-person business because it gives you a real connection to your product and the person who made it, at an affordable price.

Everything is handmade right here in the UK with 100% British-spun merino wool from the comfort of the grannies' homes. Plus you get to keep an age-old pasttime alive. Mowat self-funded the business, and a year's mentoring helped her grow it.

Collaborations with Age UK and corporate deals cement the strategic thinking behind this wonderfully feel-good venture.

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