Is the Lack of Software Hurting Your Business?

Each year, a lot of organisations lose 20-30% in revenues due to inefficiencies. That’s a lot of money that could have been spent on more investments and other business development purposes.

What could be the reason?

There are many factors that lead to inefficiencies at work. And one of them is the lack of software.

While more and more companies are making use of business management software, some are still doing things in a traditional way, from invoicing to accounting, task allocation, communications, and so much more. These important tasks are unfortunately time-consuming. With a reliable software designed to speed up your day-to-day processes within the organisation, you are likely to save time, energy and resources. All these equate to lesser costs (and overhead), and more profit.

How lack of software is hurting your business

A lack of software could be holding you back.

Not taking advantage of the technology can affect the prospects of your business in many ways.

  • Poor productivity due to inefficient systems.
  • Missed opportunities for your business.
  • Not reaching a wide enough audience.
  • Low-quality customer service
  • Poor systems integration
  • Loss of operational performance

How does getting a custom software benefit your business?

Deciding whether to hire software developers to create custom software solutions for your business could be a daunting task, especially if you think about the cost. You may be skeptical about its benefits and whether it’s a worthy investment.

Here are some of the major benefits of custom software systems for your business

Tailored-fit to your business needs

The benefits of custom software development in any organisation is undeniable. The number one benefit is that the software will greatly suit your business’ needs. You might be tempted to get a subscription from a well-known standard software that’s readily available for use, but only to find out that it’s not suitable for your business. You see, each organisation has different workflows and processes. With a custom software, you will have something that fits all your business requirements.

Through a custom software, you can choose to have a central platform where people from different departments – accounting, sales, customer service, etc. – can communicate more easily. Not only can they coordinate with members from various teams or departments, they can receive and send information and updates real-time.

Streamlined processes

Productivity is a major issue among many organisations. It’s hard to imagine having to keep up with the fast-paced world of business without making use of various tools to support your daily operations.

Another major benefit of custom software development is its capability to operate together with the existing software packages your organisation is already using. Conflicts with software programs can cause continual errors, with could lead to your employees’ productivity dropping low.

Tailored Lower risk against threat

Moreover, having a custom software can greatly help protect your business from external threats. Standard software packages are usually the target of hackers. Customised packages are less susceptible to them because hacking custom software takes more effort and time. It is important to work closely with your developers to ensure that the security levels of your software packages are appropriate and reliable.

Tailored Better customer interaction and service

Making use of a custom software can greatly revolutionize the way your business interacts with customers. Your consumers want nothing but convenience, from the way they inquire about your products or services, to the way they make orders, send payments, and resolve issues, they prefer a streamlined process. Every organisation has its own way of interacting to their customers. Customising your software to these processes are all essential to providing quality customer service. 


Balancing your company’s immediate needs with its long-term growth can be challenging, especially if your organization is a start-up. You might be bombarded with difficult questions, such as whether you should invest in creating custom software programs. You might already be using a few standalone systems, such as an accounting software and inventory management tool. Nevertheless, you may still need some more systems that will specifically address your needs. And as your business progresses, the more you will see the importance of software systems. A customised software allows you to integrate individual systems into a single, synchronised platform that makes your everyday processes seamless.


Author bio:
Caroline is a marketing specialist, having her expertise in i2v - a Magento E-commerce specialised company. She enjoys writing and discovering as much as possible about the “secret” world of developers, programmers and share those thoughts with the readers.

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