8 simple ways to improve your posture at work

If you are someone who spends their day working at a desk and computer, you can often feel it strain your body. Whether it’s experiencing lower back pain, wrist pain, a tight neck or lack of mobility, our bodies are often put through agony. A desk job might not seem physically challenging, but it can cause us some serious physical problems. If this sounds a lot like your day to day life, it’s time to change things at work and try out these tips to improve your posture in the workplace.


Pick a comfortable chair

You will spend most of your time at work, sat in your chair, so you need to make sure it is one that isn’t destroying your spine. You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on an expensive chair, you simply just need a chair that has an adjustable height allowing you to put your feet comfortably on the floor, a solid cushion to sit on and that features good lower back support.


Make sure you chair has all the correct pieces to it in order to make it comfortable, take a look at Tente swivel castors for a stable and easily mobile chair too. These can be used to replace broken castors or install them on a chair that does not feature this simple but effective adjustment. 


Set up your monitor and desk properly

If you work with a laptop on your desk you are more than likely spending the majority of your day hunched over your keyboard and trackpad. Even working at desk computer, it is possible you monitor isn’t high enough for you, so you do not have to tilt your head down to look at it. The height of your monitor needs to be in line with your eyes, so you can look straight ahead and not have to adjust your neck angle to view the screen.


This also doesn’t have to cost a fortune, all you need is a laptop and a monitor stand. You could even prop your monitor up with whatever you have around - books are a great choice.


Sit on a ball

Sitting on an inflated ball makes it more difficult for you to slouch and it engages and builds different muscles groups that would usually be resting when you are sitting on a chair. Rotate your days with sitting on a chair and then sitting on a ball, it will improve your posture.


Don’t stay in the same position for too long

Try to avoid staying in the same position for hours on end. For prolonged spinal health, you should alter your working environment. Move around the office, stand when possible or have a different seated position, just don’t spend the whole eight hours of your working day in the same position.


Keep your legs uncrossed

The correct way for you to sit on a chair is with your feet placed flat on the ground. Crossing your legs will put pressure on the peroneal nerve that is behind your knee, that supplies sensation to your lower legs and feet. Keep your legs straight and in front of you.



Various stretches throughout the day will improve your posture. This doesn’t mean you need to start a full gym workout in the middle of the office, but there are some that can be performed in a work environment. 


Chin tucks will help release those stiff muscles in the back of your neck. You simply just need to stretch the back of your neck and move your chin down and toward your neck. For more stretches that can improve your posture, take a look here.


Use a headset when talking on the phone

We all multitask when working and talking on the phone at the same time. But placing your phone between your ear and neck will create a lot of tension on your muscles. A way to avoid this would be to get a headset, so you can talk on the phone and continue to work without adding any stress or tension to your neck and shoulders.


Try a lumbar support pillow

A lumbar support pillow will work for supporting your spine. It forces you to sit in the correct position every time you sit down due to its shape and the way it arches into your back. For a quicker fix, fold up a towel and place it behind you.


If you have an office job it is hard for you to avoid those pitfalls of slouching and sitting but hopefully, these simple tips above will improve your posture gradually.

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