Furlough inspired a new chapter for Emma

“The supportive, comfortable environment gave me the encouragement I needed.”

Furlough gave wellbeing advocate Emma Foley time to think about what she really wanted out of life. She turned to Learn Smarta to help her develop a business focused on her passion. She tells us more… 

I was furloughed from work and it forced me to slow down and think about what I really wanted out of life. 

I realised my job wasn’t making me happy. I’m well known by friends and family as someone with heaps of energy and a love of people and I really needed a way to channel that.  

Like many people, I struggled for a large portion of my life with little confidence and low self-esteem. 

Through exercise and personal development, I changed that a few years ago. I developed a real sense of self-belief. That’s a powerful thing to be able to share with others who might be struggling in the same way and it presented me with a business opportunity.

So, I set about finding a way to share my passion in a way that would earn me a living too. And that’s how Emma Foley Wellbeing was born.

I started out by testing the water with some outdoor bootcamps.

Then I tried doing some live exercise sessions via Zoom, which I absolutely loved and this birthed the idea for a ladies’ group. I’ve now built that up into a wellbeing community that is not simply client and coach, but rather like a supportive and encouraging family.

A friend spotted the Learn Smarta course on Instagram and thought it looked like it would suit me. I was keen to see what all of the fuss was about.

I was looking for an element of support to guide me through these early days while I put the foundations of the business in place. 

Connections and community are so important to me so the supportive, comfortable environment gave me the encouragement I needed.

I loved the relationships that the Learn Smarta team clearly have – you could sense the feeling of family even through the screen! The style and level of information was so easy to follow and the mix of video and tutoring kept it interesting. 

I really liked having access to Learn Smarta’s online platform so I could dip in and out and spend extra time on things that I needed to build on.

There were lots of new things to learn and it was useful to revisit anything that I already knew so it all sank it. The team always provided speedy responses to my questions which was really helpful for keeping up the momentum.

One of the main things I’ve achieved is the ability to plan. 

I’ve developed a better awareness of what is actually happening within my business. I understand how much money I need to survive and thrive each month. The course also helped me to understand what makes me different. It highlighted the importance of marketing and all of the tools which are essential in helping you stand a chance in today’s competitive environment.

It takes time to build a business up and I’m in the middle of the transition but I already know I made the right decision.

I feel really positive about the future. I trust in the process and know it will work out well. 

A little bit about my business, Emma Foley Wellbeing

My services include personal training sessions, outdoor bootcamps and a ladies’ group offering support for the mind, body and soul. I provide a safe and non-judgemental space for everyone to have the freedom to be and express themselves. I am here to inject that bit of positivity, sunshine and energy into people’s lives. 

Has Emma’s story got you thinking? 

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