We are here to support and guide SMEs of all sizes

Consolido Limited

Consolido provides senior level finance support to SMEs giving business owners access to highly experienced Board level analysis and advice

CFO services

Provision of part-time CFO level support to SMEs to assist in strategic and operational decision making

Non-Executive Director

Provision of an experienced NED to support your Board with a particular specialism in finance

Review of finance function

Carry out a review of the structure and operations of the finance function and provide advice on opportunities for improvement.  Can also assist in determining the nature of finance support needed for a given stage of development of a business

Policies, procedures and controls review

Carry out a review of the policies, procedures and controls of the business, particularly where they interact with the finance function, and provide advice on best practice suitable to the size of the company and where it hopes to get to

R&D Tax Credits

Provide support and guidance in applying for R&D tax credits which can provide invaluable cash back from HMRC to businesses

Back office services

We can provide basic accounting support along with Registered Office and Company Secretarial services, taking away the headache from busy company owners so that they can focus on what they do best

Company Description

 Consolido, Latin for "Support"​, explains perfectly the purpose of our business - to support SMEs of all sizes with finance-focussed tailored services to aid in their growth and development, whether that be via a short-term, focussed project or a long-term, ongoing relationship. We will help you to grow your business by providing you company with the knowledge and experience of staff who have worked in senior roles at a broad range of companies, across various industry sectors, around the world .